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Happy berfday to wooferstl and jimmychunga74!

I know I haven't written anything of any real substance for a bit. Been trying to get myself together, quite honestly, because the past month has been bloody chaos.

As you're no doubt aware, I moved in with Mike at the beginning of the month. We were SUPPOSED to get our own place, but by the time I moved, we were informed that it wasn't ready yet. So I had to squat with Mike and his roommate for a week until it was ready. We managed to move everything over here, but as of this writing, most of it is still packed in boxes in the living room. In addition, they STILL haven't turned on the phone, which means on the off chance that we have visitors, they'll have to call one of our cels, and we have to walk up to the gate and let them in.


We're doing ok though. I've managed to climb out of the financial hole I dug for myself and we've been stockpiling food like a couple of squirrels. We've gotten on kind of a cooking kick of late, making different pastas and sauces and chicken dishes with different spices. It's fun! Now if I could only get Mike to do the damn dishes...

As far as work, I'm just coming off a weeks paid vacation, which I only took to help out the budget. Apparently, it costs less to let me have a week off and pay me the average of my weekly hours for the year than it does to actually schedule me and they were over budget on hours. I need to speak with my manager about having Christmas Eve through New Years off like I asked for. I would really like to see Indianapolis again. I miss it.

Hell, I miss a lot of things. This year, I haven't really kept in contact with some of the people I should have. I haven't seen Danny and Kim since their wedding, nor any of the kindred for that matter. Jason, Eric and Hobo I haven't seen since the trip to Cincy, though I make sure to talk to J online whenever I get the chance and I haven't seen Mom since she came back from Europe in April.

Which reminds me, I talked to her this Saturday and she knows about Mike. She just let me know again that I'm her child and while she may not like "the way I'm living", she loves me and is praying for me.

I repeat, *sigh*.

In the meantime, I'm still trying to find scholarships and grants that'll pay for this final year of school and net me a job so I can pay back my damn student loans.

There's been a significant upheaval in my gaming situation, but that's another post.

If you knew him or knew of him, spare a thought for angelsboi today.
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