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All things succumb to those who wait.

So here's the deal. Reply to this post and I'll list 7 of your interests. Then you have to do a post explaining them and why you like them.

mister_bitters chose the following from my interest list.

Bionic Six - Back in '87, this was one of the shows I watched on a regular basis. It was a sci-fi cartoon about a family of bionic superheroes. It was unbelievably 80s, but it was still the shit. Well drawn and animated, well voiced and decently written.

Cherries - My favorite fruit since I was a child. Put a bowl full of em in front of me, and I am almost guaranteed to make myself sick from eating them. What,did you think I meant something else? For shame.

The Human Condition - I often find myself wondering what makes us what we are. I look at us, the dominant species on Earth, and ponder how the hell we got here when we're so obviously determined to obliterate each other. I look at things like Brittney Spears and that French Hilton bitch and the proliferation of reality television and see this as proof that Darwin was full of shit. But then, I find myself being cracked up by an old person or hear wisdom from the mouth of a child and think that we may not be so bad after all. So I ask myself: is there all there is or can we be more than what we are? Is there something to us that we haven't explored yet? I know it seems like a lot of wool gathering, but it's something I ponder a lot.

Power - I have a thing about being the master of my own fate. I decided a long time ago that my choices in life are mine to make, even if they turn out to be disastrous. They are still mine. However, to maintain this sort of autonomy takes power. I therefore have an interest in it. And let's face it, the thought of being able to do what you want, when you want has a definite appeal.

The Real Ghostbusters - In 1984, Harold Ramis and Dan Ackroyd wrote a screenplay that turned into the biggest comedy hit of the year. Two years later, the movie was turned into a cartoon, and an addiction was born. I watched it religiously until they changed the show to be more kid-friendly and the writing went WAY south. I recently learned that J. Michael Straczynski was the head writer and story editor for the first 80 or so episodes, which explains the quality of the early episodes. I loved the fact that the early eps drew directly from myth, legend, folklore and literature and I'm still in the process of trying to collect the first couple of seasons of the show in a digital format.

Webcams - I'm an exhibitionist. Need I say more? I'm Codiak723 on yahoo, for those interested in watching. *wiggles eyebrows*

Zelgadis Graywords - Other than Lina, this is the coolest character in the Slayers anime and definitely the most complex. In D&D he would be considered a sorcerer/fighter with an odd template. He was granted the power of a demon and a golem, which gave him great strength, resistance to injury and a probable increase in magical power, but left him deformed. His primary goal throughout the series is to change his appearance back to normal. One of the reasons that I like Zel so much is the fact that his sense of determination is as great as Lina's and his knowledge of magic is nearly as great as Lina's. If they were actually to ever go head to head, it would be a tough call as to who would come out on top. He's intelligent and resourceful with a wide variety of skills, including safecracking and apparently even gunplay. In short, a badass.
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