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Want to Kill.

Okay, so for the last several weeks, we've been doing presentations in my History of Cinema class.

We each did a paper on a particular movie of significance, and then did a 7 - 10 minute presentation on WHY that particular movie was significant and showed a clip.

While, as a comics geek, I appreciate someone doing a report on the 1978 Superman film, poorly detailing Superman's history and showing a clip from every Superman related project to ever make it to celluloid from the old 30s serials to Superman Returns is NOT a good presentation.

There were only 5 people who had to present, then we were going to do a final exam review, then go home. We should have been done by 8:30.

But since this fucknut had to take a whole half hour doing a Superman retrospective, we didn't finish until after 10:00, which means I only made it home about 20 minutes ago.

And what REALLY galls me is that he barely talked about the film itself.
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