The Cub Your Mother Warned You About (jrcubindy) wrote,
The Cub Your Mother Warned You About

CoH/CoV rant.

Yanno, every now and then I get a stark reminder of why pickup groups suck.

I was playing CoV last night at about 1AM and got messaged by this punk One Hitta Killa or some such stupid name. It was a full team working on a snake mission.

There was little real teamwork, IMO. We got through what we got through with sheer firepower. The whole time, they kept yakking about the builds on their character. It's one thing that disgusts me about gamer culture anymore. Nobody gets fun out of just playing a game anymore. It has to be analyzed and dissected. And if the character doesn't absolutely own, it's no good.

Anyway, the whole team ends up getting massacred. As I'm lying there waiting for a rez, the corrupter gets killed. I'm just about to hospital it when Nutta Butta or whatever the fuck his name is tells me to exit the mission or "beware the kicking".

Now I'm tired, cranky and you THREATEN me? Fuck that noise. I promptly ditched the team.

If you're not on my SG, or not a friend or not the friend of a friend, I ain't teaming with ya.

Sick and tired of punks on my fucking game.
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