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I'm a fighter and a lover, I'm a freaky baby daddy, I'm a bad mutha....

So yeah. I haven't posted much of ANYTHING on here for some time now and I suppose that's left some of you wondering what the hell's been going on with me.

The rest of you may not give a damn, but I'm posting this for those who do, so, fuck you.

Damn, did I write that?

Anyway, I managed to get my mom to cosign on my student loans. Which means I keep my apartment till September. Mike and I are working on getting another place, since the rules that student housing is forcing upon me are chafing me something fierce and I'm one rude remark away from slapping the head of housing like a pimp.

On the relationship note, Mike and I are still going strong. We have our tense moments, as every couple does, but thus far, we've worked through em. After careful consideration, much discussion, (and an impromptu threesome)we've opted to open our relationship, with a full disclosure clause. We've found we actually LIKE discussing our playmates and this has occasionally devolved into cuddlefests or wild monkey sex. Go fig.

You may not like or approve of it, but seeing as it's not your relationship, you don't have to. That's the beauty of it.

Still working for Kroger. Started training on customer service this week, which gives me no more money than I'm already making. WTF? I get more responsibilities, but don't get paid for them? Whatever.

Anyway, I managed to score an internship with a public TV station. I, and a team of my fellow Media Production majors are going to shoot in various historical locales around ATL during the month of August. These will be posted to the stations website. More info as it becomes available.

Turned 34 on Monday, as some of you are aware. Happy Berfday, Marques and Tommy! Didn't start off the best, as I got locked out of my place, but picked up with food and Transformers later in the day. Not the most exciting day, but not bad either.

So life is basically back on track, until the next derailment. Much love to my people on LJ!
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