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Head games.

I may be a widower soon.

So I hadn't shaved my head in several weeks and I was therefore WAY past due for a touchup. Well, Mike found a bottle of Nair for Men under the bathroom sink (left there by a former roomate) and convinced me to use it on my head.

Well, the first clue we'd done the wrong thing came after he started wiping the stuff off and it started stinging where he was wiping. At first, I chalked it up to heavy-handedness, but even after he let up on the pressure, it was still stinging where he wiped. Then he mentioned my skin was looking "splotchy" and suggested we hop in the shower.

I put my head under the water and he mentioned something about me looking like I was on chemo. He got out to get a comb, thinking it would be easier to get the hair off that way than by hand. While he was gone, my head started itching. When I itch, I scratch. It's my way.

So when he got back into the shower, he stopped mid-sentence and his eyes went HUGE. By contrast, mine narrowed to slits. All the while I kept smelling something familiar. I finally figured out that the stuff smelled like Magic Shave. Which I stopped using because it bothered my face.

He combed most of the hair out (whilst apologizing profusely) and afterwards we got out of the shower so he could actually shave what little hair was left. This is usually an activity I enjoy. The stinging sensation and accompanying annoyance dulled any enjoyment. Especially when I looked in the mirror and saw the huge red splotch on the right side of my head. More profuse apologies followed.

So here I sit with a big ol' chemical burn on the right side of my head and a contrite boyfriend sitting beside me in fear for his life.

Just another day in the life...
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