The Cub Your Mother Warned You About (jrcubindy) wrote,
The Cub Your Mother Warned You About

Just a game related funny.

Kesslan : so you ever get that sense evil thing sorted out with that spear of yours?
Jerry B.: *grabs the Book of Magic*
Jerry B. : I'll have to run it by the GM
Jerry B. : it doesn't specify whether the evil has to be supernatural or not
Kesslan : probably not then
Kesslan : Oh well I guess it'll be going off pretty often then ^.^
Kesslan : I can just see it now.
Kesslan : The spear says your evil!
Kesslan : The spear lies! I'm good and spice and everything nice!
Kesslan : LIES! The spear tells the truth as it shall PEARCE YOUR HEART HEATHEN!
Kesslan : Oh noes!
Kesslan : DIE FIEND!
Kesslan : MAD MAN! MAD MAN! AAAAHHHHHH!! *runs away*
Kesslan : *gives charlie chaplin style chase, cumulates with everyone getting tired* Ok ok.. fine we'll do this the 'other way' you SHALL CONVERT TO GOOD!
Kesslan : NOOOOOOOO!!!!
Kesslan : REPENT! REPENT!!
Kesslan : *Runs away*
Kesslan : *Gives chase!*
Kesslan : Luke I am your father!
Kesslan : NOOOO!!!!
Kesslan : Yes! Search your feelings you know it to be true!
Kesslan : But.. but.. your a D-bee. I'm human
Kesslan : Oh. damn I guess you have a point
Kesslan : There is good in you still! I can feel it!
Kesslan NOOOOOO!!!!!
Kesslan : *suddenly a magic use attacks! A furious fight ensues*
Kesslan : Hmm well.. uhh
Kesslan : Yeah.. kinda akward... we cant kill each other now on principle
Kesslan : Hrmm yeah.. split loot and part ways?
Kesslan : Sure!
Kesslan : Kesslan has gained XP!
Kesslan : Leander has gained XP!
Kesslan : Kesslan has shifted 1 point towards good
Kesslan : NOOOOO!!!!!
Kesslan : Leander: Your fate is sealed! MUAHAHAHHAHAA!
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