The Cub Your Mother Warned You About (jrcubindy) wrote,
The Cub Your Mother Warned You About

School Drama, part 80 or I Hate Sallie Mae.

I got a call from AIU today. My loan is apparently stuck in the system. They can't certify it. I need a cosigner to lower the interest rate and allow them to certify.

This boggled the living hell out of me, as I provided them with a cosigner and my loan was approved.

After calling several different numbers and going through innumerable phone menus, I finally got to talk to someone at Sallie Mae. Apparently, MY credit was ok, but my cosigner's isn't. So he was denied and moved to the status of a reference. They simply forgot to inform him, me, or AIU. So technically the loan IS approved, only they can't touch the money until I get a cosigner.

AIU has graciously given me until the end of the quarter to find a new cosigner. I intend to find one by months end.

It's funny. I'm basically right back where I started at the beginning of March.

I don't know whether to be amused, terrified or angry.
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