The Cub Your Mother Warned You About (jrcubindy) wrote,
The Cub Your Mother Warned You About

Meh. Life update.

So last week, what with me having the week off, was the perfect time to come down with the utter crap cold that's been floating around. I'm mostly over it, save for the phlegmy mess in my throat that follows EVERY cold I have ever had. My cough tends to shred my throat after a while.

Starting the new quarter. My documentaries class got cancelled, so I'm taking Audio Engineering. My classmates in my math class are giving me a headache. I damn near smacked a girl when the instructor asked what the opposite of addition was and she replied division. Also, only me and one of my classmates even showed up for the first day of my Audio Engineering class. *rolls eyes*

In other news, I'm swearing off bear sites for the next month, at least. Mostly because most people on there won't talk to me beyond a one-word reply and those that do, 90% of them are on my AIM or Yahoo Messenger list. I'll pop on there to check messages from the people I can actually get conversation from, but I'm not lingering. Mike is getting more or less the same treatment, which bugs the shit out of me. One guy actually got pissed at him for having a boyfriend, when it's stated right there in his profile. *rolls eyes again*

Something is amiss with my computer. Last week, my music and the audio on my video files started skipping. I'm in the process of defragging my HDs and hoping that helps. Next thing I'm looking at is my power supply. If that doesn't work, I'll have to check my RAM and/or sound card.

Renewed my WoW account and splitting time between there and CoH, gamewise. Working on a tauren hunter on Doomhammer named Kaval. J got me into a Horde guild on the server and they've been pretty helpful so far. Advice on pets, new guns, etc, etc...looking to get a quest spawn for a pet soon. I expect to get Damien Darkstrom, my 3D on CoH, to 50 by the end of April.

Looking forward to this weekend so I can get in some Mike QT, D&D and hardcore geeking out.
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