The Cub Your Mother Warned You About (jrcubindy) wrote,
The Cub Your Mother Warned You About

Thought on Heroes.

Been cruising around a lot of message boards and DAMN, people hated Peter's bangs. I thought they fit him, even if they were emo. I think Simone's father was a superhuman and it's his power Peter taps into when having the precognitive dreams. Looking forward to the knockdown drag out fight between Peter and Sylar that you KNOW is coming.

My theory about how Sylar's power works: Sylar's original power is the power to see how things work by just looking at them. He can comprehend the inner workings of something, just by a cursory visual inspection. Chandra Suresh theorized that the secret of all of the superhuman's powers lies in the brain. By examining the brain directly, Sylar can intuit the exact mechanism of the power and resequence his own DNA to match it. How he does the resequencing is something I haven't quite figured out.

I see a rouge's alliance between Bennett and Parkman. And soon. Stir in Lil Miss Wireless and Primatech may be in deep shit. And Bitchy McTrickster needs to die. Painfully. Not only for betraying Mr. Bennett, but for that shit she pulled while impersonating Simone.

Not sure WHAT to think about our two puppetmasters, Mama Petrelli and Linderman. It better pay off before the finale.

Hiro: Ever since his sword quest, he's kind of fallen off my favorites list. But now that he has the damn thing, I hope he gets back to what he's supposed to be doing: saving the world.

Niki/Jessica: Another knockdown drag out in the offing. Something has to give here. In the end, there can be only one.

DL & Micah: Are they going to actually DO anything with them now? Though I think DL is grasping what's going on.

Issac: If Sylar kills him now, it'll be no great loss.

Nathan: Very very very intrigued on which way he'll go now. Does he take the offer, tell Linderman to go screw, or try to double cross Linderman later? You know where my money is.
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