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Little Moments.

I've been kind of stressed and depressed lately.

Financial aid called me and told me my loan wasn't enough to cover everything for this quarter and I needed another 15k to cover the rest of my junior year. My cosigner has apparently flaked on me and unless I find a new one, I'm out of school and my apartment at the end of next month, plus I'll owe the school 7k.

Plus the whole not having money or a car is getting to me. I'd like to be able to go out from time to time and not have to worry about catching the last bus back home. I want to be able to take Mike out to eat or to the museum or to a jazz club or something. And I know a good part of my whole lack of a social life is because it seems to be a bother to come get me or drop me off.

So yeah, haven't been too happy. And I tend to wear my emotions where everybody can see them.

Friday night after work, I couldn't even eat. I had no appetite, no motivation to do anything. I just sat there and sulked.

Mike bought me some ice cream, put on the new John Legend album and just held me for a good hour. We just sat there listening, gently swaying to the music and just for a while, the gigantic load that's been sitting on my shoulders was just gone. No pressures, no worries. Just me and him and the music.

It's little moments like that that are worth remembering and recording.
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