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State of the Media

I was going to do a post on last weeks Heroes ep and express some thoughts on it, but then my mind went down other paths for a bit.

Last week one of my instructors was talking about how he can't listen to rap music anymore. How EVERYBODY uses the same beats anymore, every rapper sounds the same, how the music is being destroyed because the record companies are marketing to the LCD and the performers are just trying to make a buck instead of trying to say something or be artistic in any way. This is what Nas is talking about on his song "Hip-Hop Is Dead" and what Black Sheep predicted on their song "To Whom It May Concern".

But it's not just music. People are ripping on any form of entertanment that tries to provoke thought or just doesn't dwell on the superficial, from music to movies to television. When a movie or television show tries to take a look at a character and their motivations for doing what they do, which makes their actions far more interesting, I always hear the same word thrown around. "Boring."

Now admittedly, this can be taken too far. See Neon Genesis Evangalion, which completely sacrificed its main plot for a psychoanalysis of the main character at its end. While it was fascinating, there was no closure to ANY of its storylines and therefore left a bad taste in my mouth. Hell, the fanfiction MTCFFUltra did a better job closing out NGE than the show OR the movie and still managed to make it thought provoking.

But normally, regular character development is frowned upon by the general public. Pacing isn't wanted. They don't want to slow down for a moment and let the pressure build. They want constant stimulation; things have to keep moving with nary a pause to take a breath. They don't want to stop and think.

Take last episode of Heroes, which is what led me into this. One review I read of it said that "Nothing happened." Excuse me?

Did you not SEE the confrontation between Matt and Jessica? And to be honest, that wasn't even all that important, except to establish Jessica as Linderman's hit-bitch and put Matt further down on his spiral. The important things were Claire finding out about her father, Mrs. Bennett's memory loss, and Mohinder hooking up with Sylar.

Plot threads coming together, pressure slowly building until BOOM. Explosive season finale.

But people don't see that. They don't want to wait. They want something big NOW.

Well, consider this. If you're constantly being stimulated, if the pace is the same throughout, what's the difference between the opening of the movie or television show and its climax? What is there to look forward to?

People say that I think too much. I think the fact that I think at all makes me an anomaly in today's world.
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