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Cooking with abbazabba

a j (11/26/2006 3:32:06 PM): I think I'm going for some sweet potato casserole
Jerry B. (11/26/2006 3:32:27 PM): see, I'm not much for sweet potatoes except in pie
a j (11/26/2006 3:34:19 PM): oh, see, this is like pie filling with no crust
Jerry B. (11/26/2006 3:34:35 PM): trippy
a j (11/26/2006 3:34:40 PM): oh, and the brown sugar spice top with crushed pecans
Jerry B. (11/26/2006 3:34:45 PM): Neat!
Jerry B. (11/26/2006 3:34:53 PM): Now I'm all hungry
Jerry B. (11/26/2006 3:35:13 PM): *kidnaps you to cook for him*
a j (11/26/2006 3:35:57 PM): I can't make it right now, I left my nutmeg at my sister's
a j (11/26/2006 3:36:05 PM): she's bringing it back next week
Jerry B. (11/26/2006 3:37:04 PM): Well, damn!
a j (11/26/2006 3:37:54 PM): we made a big try of it
a j (11/26/2006 3:38:11 PM): she likes candied yams, but that's just too damn sweet for me
a j (11/26/2006 3:40:34 PM): yeah, we put brown sugar, and maple syrup and some spices in it, and I think there's a bunch of butter in it
a j (11/26/2006 3:40:47 PM): it's amazing, we've sucked all the health benefits out
Jerry B. (11/26/2006 3:41:38 PM): LOL
a j (11/26/2006 3:42:38 PM): but damn if it isn't good
Jerry B. (11/26/2006 3:43:10 PM): that's all that counts
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