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The place where, if you have to go there, they have to take you in.

Ok, Atlanta, I'm back.

And I am fucking great!!

Thursday, I went to dinner with greythorne (Mike), maitirethanatos (Jason) and his younger brother Eric at Applebees. We met Jason's co-worker Tony, who seemed like a pretty cool cat. Shocked the hell out of everybody by ordering a Sangria. That's what happens when you hang with Vikings. You end up being a social drinker. We talked loud anddrew a crowd. It was the best I'd felt in a while and it wasn't the alcohol. It was almost like when I'm at ritual with the ATL Kindred or gaming with Piper and Chad. A sense of belonging.

I stayed with Mike for the first couple of days, and we went through most of his PS2 collection, I introduced him to the Boondocks and Justice League.

Friday, we went to B.D.s Mongolian BBQ and pigged out with Jason, Don and Springer. Second verse, same as the first, only no liquor for me this time. Afterwards, Mike took me to the Living Room Lounge in downtown Indy and met some friends for a friends birthday. There was some very animated conversation on the back patio about anime, movies and TV and I got a big hug from the birthday girl, who is a very cool fag hag. I also tried a Hurricane Ethel, which got me very very buzzed. (Ask me for the recipe.)

Saturday morning, we met Jason, Eric, Eric's friend Adam (who is far less annoying than I remember him being) and Tony, picked up their friend Josh on the south side and headed for Cincy to go to a KMFDM concert (stopping at O' Charley's for lunch on the way), then after finding the club, we took in the sights on the street. Actually, we loitered a lot. But that was cool with me. I was just glad to be around people. Josh walked around all day with a pissed off expression, arms crossed, completely seperate from the rest of the group. We've given him the nickname of "Captain Emo". Feel free to make a CoH character or drawing of that.

The concert itself RULED. Let me tell you, you wanna see some cute looking guys? Go to an industrial concert. Eye candy for all types there. The opening act was a Norwegian aggrotech group called Combichrist. Couldn't understand most of their lyrics, but that's not unusual, with there being a lot of screaming and all. The beats were extremely tight though. Jason picked up a couple of their CDs. Apparently Caustic was supposed to be the second act, but they pissed off Sascha and got kicked off the tour. Then the main event. As ever, KMFDM all but blew the roof off the joint. Tony and Adam headbanged themselves into near-unconciousness and Mike was in the mosh pit most of the time. I, J and Eric learned to pace ourselves, though my neck is very sore now. The group did 3 or 4 encores before calling it quits. We were all stoked coming out of there.

We hit a Waffle House just before crossing back over at about 1PM or so. This marks the first time I've eaten at Waffle House in almost 9 months. (I think I live in the only area of Atlanta that doesn't have a Waffle House in walking distance.)

Anyway, the joint was PACKED. Mike and I scored a two man booth and everybody else got another booth. I and Mike got our drink orders and food WAY before everybody else. Hell, we finished by the time they got their food. For the sake of simplicity, Josh went with Mike and I, while everybody else headed back to the north side. Josh seemed to open up more after that, but I was too out of it to really get in any conversation.

Sunday, I had my mom pick me up from Mike's and we spent a good hour or so at my Aunt Kay's before going home. I saw my cousin Jason who's been on lockdown for the past couple of years. He looks great! And it looks like he's trying to get his life together. Aunt Kay gave us dinner and we caught up. She had a church meeting to go to, so I hung around at home till she got back. My father came home around 9ish and we talked. Spent quality time with my parents and went to bed. My dad is as thin as ever, and that still worries me. Mom gave me some sheets for my bed and I conked out somewhere around 10ish. I meant to call Mike and tell him where I was, but I got too damn tired.

It's been a long time since I felt this good. Home isn't a place. It's people.
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