The Cub Your Mother Warned You About (jrcubindy) wrote,
The Cub Your Mother Warned You About

This has not been my best week ever.

Anybody who's read my journal in the last few days knows my computer is currently down. Well, I found my XP CD and set about trying to correct that. After several hours and several failed attempts to repair the OS, I finally got it to run a chkdsk without running into "an unspecified error" and rebooting again.

A great many files ended up being truncated, and a great many more were dumped because the system ran out of room to store them.

Now, when it gets to the windows screen instead of getting a blue screen for a microsecond before it reboots, it comes to a black screen with this error.

"Load needed DLLs for kernel"

I have the distinct impression that means I'm gonna have to format, but I'd like confirmation.
The music files alone are gonna be a bitch to replace.

After a week of hounding her, I finally got hold to my sister about going to the family reunion at the end of the month. The plan was that she, her husband, myself and my nephew were going to drive up either on that Thursday or Friday and we were going to stay until Sunday or Monday.

Then reality kicked me in the nuts.

My sister is an elementary school teacher. Picture day is on that Friday. She won't be able to leave until that evening. My brother-in-law doesn't feel like driving 8 hours through Nashville on a Friday night, so he's staying behind. My nephew is already back in school, so he's staying. So my sister is opting to fly up.

Where does this leave me? Right here in Atlanta. Air fare isn't really in my price range right now. Round trip tickets to Indy cost in the realm of $220.

Plus I'm in negotiations with the phone company to keep my service because the multiple extraneous charges they put on me keep me from paying it all off at once.

So, yeah, FUN.
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