The Cub Your Mother Warned You About (jrcubindy) wrote,
The Cub Your Mother Warned You About

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Random thoughts and happenings....

Got my essay first draft handed in for English (and the three folks who were so against gay marriage didn't show for class today) and got my movie trailer done. Now I just have to burn it to DVD.

I've rediscovered that I'm not that organized of a person, even with my thoughts. It's just that I have so many of them...

Went to Eckerd to pick up a pair of scissors to trim my beard and moustache with, only to find out the cheapest pair cost $8.99. Are they out of their minds??

Finally got my Rifts LJ game going, somewhat. Feel free to look. Been enjoying D&D sessions with madpiper and some guys from Outworlders. I happy!

Found a happy equilibrium with my foodage. I hope.

Enough blather for now. Time to unwind for a while, then get to cleaning!
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