The Cub Your Mother Warned You About (jrcubindy) wrote,
The Cub Your Mother Warned You About

Happy belated to gummydragon and happy berfday to bigedatl!

Yanno, this world is funny as shit.

I was in CoV earlier and this kid messaged me. He asked if I was over 25, then asked me about his girlfriend. Apparently she's been a little freaky in her past (the word foursome came up) and he asked my advice on whether he should stay with her. He's having trouble sleeping with her without thinking about it.

I was straight up with him. I told him he should sit down with her and talk shit out. I also added that if he really loved her, and she wasn't fucking around on him, what did it matter?

He was ambivalent about that, but I think I gave him something to think about.

This society KILLS me. A man can go out and fuck as much as he wants, but a woman is supposed to remain pure and chaste for her husband? That's the biggest bunch of bullshit I've ever heard in my life. It's like the whole double standards of mainstream society's view of homosexuality. Women kissing is hot. Men kissing is disgusting.


This society needs to step the fuck back and look at the whole way it views sex. Seriously.
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