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Survey of Media Tech, Day 1

Today's class was Survey of Media Technology. My instructor seems to be very knowlegable and not boring, my classmates seem to be somewhat intelligent and had some insightful things to say, in fact, we all hung out during the break and talked. Time seemed to fly.

The first half of the class was interesting. We looked at 2 videos concerning the state of media, bith pulled from the Today show.

The first was a panel discussion about whether news reporting had gone downhill in the past decade. One of the panelists was of the opinion that in fact, it had. He said that the standards of society itself had fallen and that media was a reflection of that. The second panelist's view was that with the advancement of technology and subsequent widening of options, there was more opportunity for error, but that news media was vastly superior in quality than it had ever been, using to the yellow journalism of the early 20th century as a benchmark. The thrid and final panelist stated that the news media is more reluctant to admit errors than others in positions of power and when caught, this damages the institution as a whole.

The second was an interview with an author of a book talking about how parents allow the media to be another parent to their children. He is a very strong advocate of media conglomerates taking more responsibility in their programming and creating more programming that is more appropriate for children. The interview was cut short, but I was intrigued and wanted to hear more.

A lot of subjects came up out of this. One being that with the advent of the Net, you can actually start nationwide homebrewed campaigns for or against something you like or don't like. I personally find it dangerous, but that's just my point of view. Reality TV, Jay-Z, Cristal, Oprah, and a bunch of other subjects got a lot of animated discussion. At least out of 4 of us.

The second half of class was all lecture, and not so interesting. It was all about the communication process, the different types of communication and the definition of mass communication. There was a bit of discussion, but not as lively as before. Hoping more classes are like my first half of class this morning.
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