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This quarter is nearly at an end, and I'm very happy about that. I have a group presentation to do in my Sociology class this Thursday concerning the effect of AIDS on the world. This is the first group presentation I have been in that the entire group not only was industrious, but cooperative. I have high hopes.

My new envionmental science group is rough around the edges, but seems to have it all together. We're presenting next week on air pollution.

I have done the paperwork and taken the drug screening test for my new job at Kroger. Orientation should be on Saturday, if the lab gets the results back quick enough.

Still in the financial crunch, but hoping to solve that quickly enough. I actually have a plan. It's getting through June that's going to be rough.

My apartment complex is in the midst of tearing the facades off the buildings and putting in new ones. They started on my building today. I am on the verge of going out there, taking some of those pieces of lumber and clubbing these nice gentlemen into bloody comatose states, just to make all the damn banging stop. Then repeat the process on the people in the leasing office and the apartment owners for putting me through this.

Jason & Tanya, going to need some info on your characters. Hit me up soon.

James, if you've come up with a concept, let me know.

If anybody else wants to join my nice little LJ Rifts game, please IM me on AIM or YM.
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