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Can I get a do-over on today?

Not happy.

Went up to the place.
I had left my clip on somewhere so I needed a new tie. I figured I would spend the money I was saving to go see X3 to buy it and that would be that. Couldn't be more than a few dollars, right? WRONG.

All they had were these nice silk ties that cost about $20.00 apiece. So much for buying my June MARTA pass.

After a quick crash course in tying a tie, I went in, had a GREAT interview and the lady told me to come back tonight and talk to the night manager at around 10:00 PM, as I seemed to be better suited for overnights than the position I had applied for.

Fine, I don't care for overnights, but I've worked them before. And I need loot.

CoH wasn't much fun, as I kept getting blind invites (which I can't stand) and the only teams I could find were overrun with kids. At one point, things actually devolved into a "Are not! Are too?" type of argument between two of them.

So I came back around 9:45 PM, asked for the night manager, sat there for about 20 minutes before he came up to tell me that noone had informed him I was coming, and asked if I could come back tomorrow night.

Big fat waste of my time, but I smiled and said "Not a problem".

So, having $25 bucks left to my name, I figured I'd go and get some Taco Hell. Been a while since I've had any. Figure I can spend $5 on it, still get a MARTA pass for the first week of June and still go see X3.

Well, I was a bit late. They'd already closed the dining room and when I walked through the drive thru, they completely ignored me except for the girl at the window who looked at me like, "What the hell do you want?" before turning her back on me.

So I'm sitting here munching on a can of corn with some butter on it. I dont feel like cooking the little food I have left and it's better than nothing.

All I know is that I'm tired and kind of upset and I don't know exactly who I'm upset with.

Going to go to bed now and pray to the gods for a better tomorrow.
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