The Cub Your Mother Warned You About (jrcubindy) wrote,
The Cub Your Mother Warned You About

Corolla Motorola holder...

Let's see.

I've been approved for workstudy. However, I have been informed that it'll last 12 weeks, tops. This, of course, will discourage hiring me. Now comes the part where I actually apply for the job. I hate this part.

I've also had a block put on me for registering for next quarter, since I never took a placement test and IUPUI won't release my transcripts till I pay them the money I owe them, which I don't have. SO! I'll be taking a placement test in the near future and will more than likely have to take a bunch of bullshit classes I really don't need.

I managed to scrape up enough loot so than I can ride MARTA next month, so that little piece of panic is gone. Now if I can get some loot for the phone, internet and food.

On a lighter note, with the money I'll have left over from paying for my bus pass, I can go see X3! I'd ask who wants to go with, but I know nobody in the Atlanta area is gonna respond, so fuck it. To my out of town peoples, much love!

HUGZ go out to redpandacub, pandaspapa and johnspiff who are down with strep throat, and to walkingbear who's got a fever.
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