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Yet another Rifts Post...

Again, things have been brought to my attention regarding the game I would like to run.

First, the question of theme. I tend to lean toward the "wandering adventurer" campaign, particularly with new players. When I have a feel for my players and their particular styles, I'll branch out.

Second, comes the question of race and class. The selection of races and classes for this game is a very vast thing. If you'll recall from the previous post, Rifts Earth has become a dumping ground for all manner of races from across the Megaverse, so the possibilities are nigh infinite. However, a clear list is necessary. This list is by no means comprehensive, but is a decent selection of player character races for Rifts.

Racial Character Classes for Rifts

Human - As with most games, the standard by which all other races are measured.

Elf - As with most fantasy elves, far longer lived and more agile than human, with a natural proclivity toward magic and scholarly pursuits.

Dwarves - Again, adhering to the fantasy norm, the race is short and powerfully built, with a cultural leaning toward warrior and tinkering classes. A cataclysmic war on their home plane left them with an animosity towards elves and a reluctance to practice magic.

Wolfen - A race of large humanoid canines, who, in their home dimension, have begun to carve out a Romanesque society. Highly militaristic and new to the ways of magic, the mystic arts both fascinate and frighten them.

Kankoran - A gentle, compassionate, hunter-gatherer race, the vulpine kankoran stay close to nature as they can.

Changelings - A ancient race of shape shifters, feared on their homeworld for their ability to take any humanoid shape and hunted to near extinction. The only way to ferret them out is by their weak constitution.

Centaur - the legendary half-man/half horse. Some have come from an advanced civilization with full knowledge of energy weapons, mega-damage armor and cybernetics. They are known as the Cyber-Horsemen.

The Fae - Several races of faerie folk have migrated to the plains of North America and some have a taste for adventure as well as mischief.

Giants - Just as the fae have come to earth, so too have the giants.
Algor: Frost Giants
Cyclops: Masters of Lightning
Jotan: Hill Giants
Gigantes: Giants with strange deformities and even stranger powers
Nimro: Fire Giants
Rahu-Men: Four Armed Giant Sages and Warriors
Titans: Ancient noble warriors

True Atlanteans - An ancient race of magical superhumans that once dwelled on the continent of Atlantis, the True Atlanteans wander the Megaverse, fighting supernatural and magical evils and standing for just causes. They possess magical tattoos that give them great power and knowledge of ancient magical secrets.

Demigods - The ancient gods have returned to Earth, attracted by the sudden surge of magical energies and several pantheons that have never been to Earth have come with them. Dalliances with mortals can produce very powerful offspring.

Please feel free to ask questions. I'll do classes in the next post.
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