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Group Projects.

Ok, we're assigned a group project in Environmental Science. We have to pick a topic, write a paper on it (one page per group member) and make a presentation.

We have trouble picking a topic the day we find out, so we decide to mull it over on the weekend and choose a topic the following Monday.

Monday arrives. Nobody's even thought about it. Except me. So I write down a topic (endangered species). We write down a list of names and numbers. This of course, gets misplaced.

I'm not feeling well, so I miss a class. Nobody does anything. I go out of town for a wedding and miss a class. Nobody does anything.

I come back and ask what the group did during my absence and you tell me "nothing", it kinda torques me off. You claim up and down that I had the list of names and numbers, but I know better. And even if I did, you could have exchanged YOURS while I was gone or asked the instructor for them. Hell, you don't even remember the TOPIC, even though I wrote it down right in front of you and the instructor has a list of the topics!

And we have 5 days to write a paper and do a Powerpoint presentation with 4 to 6 slides each on the topic.

You make me sick to my fucking stomach.
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