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Rifts Game: Background Info

I've been saying that I would like to run a Rifts game. It occurs to me that it would probably help if I gave a little information on the game.

Game World Info
In the late 21st Century, the world experienced a scientific and technological Renaissance. However, humanity's wisdom failed to keep pace with its knowledge. Two simultaneous nuclear strikes resulted in the deaths of over one billion people. The psychic energy released by their deaths reignited the worlds ley lines, lines of sheer magical power that crisscrossed the planet and had lain dormant for millions of years.

This sudden surge of power caused massive natural disasters and where the lines crossed, tears in the fabric of space and time opened: the Rifts. The Rifts allowed numerous creatures of myth and supernatural fiends to return to the world en masse. The Rifts also tore alien beings from their homes, stranding them on Earth. Even the continent of Atlantis was heaved up from the bottom of the sea, reshaping the worlds coastlines.

The disasters and dimensional rifts caused even more deaths, increasing the power of the ley lines further and causing more natural and magical upheavals, which caused more deaths and on and on and on. By the time the process bottomed out, human civilization had been all but destroyed. Humanity spent the next several hundred years fighting their way back from near extinction. But the old world was gone.

The ley lines, once invisible and weak, now can be seen clearly, especially at night and where they cross, rifts still occassionally open. Untold numbers of alien races as well as magical and supernatural beings are drawn to Earth by the Rifts. Some are unwilling refugees, some explorers, and some have come to kill and conquer.

To compete and survive, humanity has managed to salvage some of the technology of the lost Golden Age of the 21st Century. Various means can be used to augment the human body to superhuman levels, though this power comes with a terrible price, depending on the method. Powered armor and robotics have also aided humanity in leveling the playing field. Energy weapons and mass drivers have become instrumental in ensuring survival in a world where one could encounter a beast that can survive a direct hit from a tank cannon.

With the resurgence of the ley lines came the return of magic. Many have turned to the mystic arts, while others have made pacts with evil to gain power. Still others have realized psionic potential.

The game is set in North America. By our calendar, the year is 2389 A.D., but the humans of North America have adopted a new calendar. By their reckoning, the year is 103 P.A. (Post Apocalypse)

The dominant power of North America is the Coalition States, which controls much of what was the central parts of the United States and Canada (Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Ontario, and Quebec). They are ruled by an atheistic, human-supremacist, totalitarian dictatorship. They also have a very large army and are expansionist and rabidly anti-magic.

There are other very large independent cities scattered across North America, including Tolkeen, the great city of magic, Lazlo, the kingdom of learning and its sister kingdom, New Lazlo. Most other human civilization consists of small cities, towns and villages. A great majority of the continent, however, is untamed wilderness.

Tomorrow I'll post an entry on races and classes. Please feel free to ask any questions on any blanks I may have left.
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