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Some days you get the bear, some days the bear gets you...

Today, that bear bent me over and made me his bitch. And it was NOT pleasant.

Was all hot to go to my Sociology class today. Got to the bus stop early...and waited a half hour. The girl who was waiting with me called MARTA and they told her the bus had, in fact, broken down and we would have to wait for the next scheduled bus. Which would be along in another half hour. Which meant I would be at least 45 minutes late to class. On the first day.

Now, if you're in or remember anything about college, you know that the instructor is not going to do more than go over the syllabus and the expectations for the course on the first day. That MIGHT take about an hour.

So, in my disgust, I did an about face and went home.

I got home and did what I usually do when I'm pissed off. I begun to clean. Wiped the kitchen counters, started straightening up my room a bit. Then housing drops by for an inspection. We had gotten a notice that they were going to be inspecting this week, but I hadn't seen it till I got home from work last night. He then proceeded to pick out every little thing wrong.

Admittedly, quite a bit of it was our fault(like the fact my roomate has a lock on his door), but when he told me that I hadn't done a good job wiping the counters, I had to bite my tounge so hard it bled. So all this week, I'm going to put in some effort to make the place spic and span. Tomorrow, I work on the kitchen and bathroom before I go to class.

A few hours of cleaning, chatting and CoH later, off to work. I tell you now, after the day I'd had, this was NOT where I wanted to be. But as things turned out, this was the turning point of the day.

After two weeks, one of the training supervisors FINALLY notices my frustration and helps me to figure out how to do the job without going mental. The rest of the night went relatively smoothly. I actually finished fairly early and clocked out a good 10 minutes earlier than usual.

More on my work woes in another post.

But yeah, that was my day in a nutshell and I'm SO glad it's over.
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