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I'm sure you're all dying to know how my first day went. Actually, I'm fairly sure only about 5% of you give half a damn, but the other 95% will have to put up with it anyway because I feel like talking about it.

Firstly, I am constantly reminded that I should NEVER trust MARTA completely. The bus I catch was supposed to come by at about 3:40. It came by at 3:55. This, as you may imagine, put me way off schedule. I still managed to make it to work on time, though.

As one may expect, the first week is all training. We've had to watch a couple of videos and answer some questions and such from 5 - 8, then we actually went out on the floor from 8 - 9:15, then went home.

In theory, the operation is seamless, with every package being scanned to keep track of it and ever truck being scanned to track every package that goes in it.

In practice, WHOO! I was working at the bottom of a big slide loading packages onto carts and some of those packages weren't exactly well treated. Bags that held small packages were ripped open, some of the boxes had some kind of brown sticky-looking liquid on them, some of the packages were a little abused looking. The people at the top of those slides just don't care.

The commute back is not so much fun as the one there due to the unbelieveably erratic schedule of the number 8 bus. Fortunately, there are alternate routes that only require a bit of walking. The 19 puts me within a 30 minute walk. I could maybe catch the 30 and shave 10 minutes off that walk, but not sure of the wait time on that.

One of the perks of the job is of course, the guy watching...there's a cute cubbie type in my training class. Dear gods, I wanna devour that boy!
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