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Some Universal Advice for players of RPGs...

  • If the GM went through the trouble of making a full character sheet for the villain, you aren't going to kill him.

  • If the pay is low 'cause the mission is supposed to be simple, hold out for more pay.

  • Most GMs don't appreciate a player groups spontaneous "side-trips" if he spent the past 2 weeks working on the adventure.

  • While speaking to the GM, never start a sentence off with the following: "Well in MY campaign it doesn't work like that...."

  • Always fire one missile more than you think is needed.

  • Wildfire around corners is never wasted ammo.

  • A PC that takes the time to develop a battle cry is going to get the whole party killed.

  • The GM will do anything to keep bookkeeping to a minimum, even if the PCs must suffer.

  • It is amazing how many months those 2 weeks of rations the player starts with can last.

  • 2 words: run away!!

  • Principled/Lawful Good PCs get the party into more trouble than evil PC's

  • Your invulnerable character isn't.

  • Rules Lawyers are always the first to die.

  • Never underestimate the value of grovelling.
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