The Cub Your Mother Warned You About (jrcubindy) wrote,
The Cub Your Mother Warned You About

A parable.

Once upon a time, a samurai was given the task of taking a priceless tea cup to a high ranking nobleman.

On his travels, he stopped in a small town for food and a place to rest for the night. Upon entering the inn, he bumped into a large, tough-looking man who took offense to being run into. The samurai, not wanting trouble, merely bowed and apologized for not watching where he was going. This astounded the ruffian, who had never expected a samurai to act so humble.

The next day, the ruffian challenged him to a duel to the death, saying the samurai's apology was insincere. The samurai at first refused to engage in such a pointless duel, but the ruffian took the teacup and threatened to break it if the samurai refused his challenge.

Left with no choice, the samurai faced off with the ruffian in the town square, with the townspeople cheering for and betting on the ruffian, having heard about the samurai's act of humility the previous day.

Of course, the samurai easily slew the ruffian, who with his dying breath, wondered aloud how he could have been defeated by someone who backed down from him.

The samurai merely took back the teacup and left the town in disgust, muttering "What fools we have in this have mistaken honor for weakness."
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