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A job ain't nothin' but work...

Ok, so here's the situation as it stands.

Got a letter from the Department of Labor that my unemployment benefits have been exhausted as of this past week. Nice of them to warn me. Ah well.

For some reason, my online application for UPS won't go through so I called the recruiter I spoke to and she says if it isn't working properly by Wednesday, to call her back and she'll arrange a face to face, which is how I would actually prefer it.

I'm also being courted by a locksmith's company up in Chamblee for their call center. I just have to find and figure out a fax machine so I can send them my resume. (I've never used one before.)

So more than likely, yours truly will be employed again by months end. 5 months seems to be my threshold for finding jobs.

Now, I find myself on the horns of a dilemma, should both jobs offer me a position. This is something I've honestly NEVER had happen, nor even considered the possibility of happening.

Firstly, which do I choose? Each has it's pros and cons.

The UPS position pays 8.50/hr starting with a 50 cent raise after 90 days. I don't know the pay rate for the locksmith, but as it's a call center, it may or may not be higher. The locksmith is closer (by all of one MARTA station) and more than likely, I'd be back home sooner once I got off work.

On the side of the UPS position: Benefits, it's a major company, and it would be a nice workout lifting packages for 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. The only concern I have is getting home. Depending on the timing of the bus that heads to the Doraville station, I could be home by 11:00 PM, or at 12 midnight. Considering I have to be in class at 10AM the next day, getting home at midnight ain't exactly appealing, especially when I KNOW I'll wake up around 6 or 7 AM regardless.

Both are MARTA accessible and both are strictly weekday positions, allowing me to have some sort of life outside of school and work.

I'm leaning toward the UPS position, as that feels more certain, but nothing is completely decided yet.

Which leads me to my second dilemma: What do I tell the job I turn down?

This is a new experience for me. I've never had two jobs actually want me at the same time. I usually just jump at the first opportunity to present itself. I don't wanna burn any bridges, just in case things don't work out, but I'm not sure quite how to leave the door open in a professional manner.

Just another thing I'm trying to figure out as I stumble along through life.
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