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[Justice League] Flash and Substance



Mirror Master
Captain Cold
Captain Boomerang

Linda Park

A nice little fluff piece. Flash never fails to bring the giggles and contrasting him against the dark broody Bat and the dour warrior Orion was nice. Although there were moments when orion was out of character.

The villians were SO corny in places, you had to love them. Especially Mirror Master. Alexis Denisof played his character to the hilt and you can tell he had fun. Cold was ok but forgettable, and Captain Boomerang was pretty cool, keeping with the character established in Task Force X.

Linda Park was played for laughs and her gag went fairly well.

But as ever, the standout was Mark Hamill as The Trickster. He was simply uproariously funny and the confrontation between Trickster and Flash was a laugh RIOT.

Lots of wink-wink nudge-nudge moments to Barry Allen, including the Flash Museum, Wally West working as a forensic scientist, the costume ring, and the Tricksters costume design coming out of the live TV show instead of the comic.
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