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So far, so good...

Just finished my first class of the quarter.

Business Presentations. Or as they USED to call it, Speech class.

I have always hated public speaking. One would not think this was a problem, as I have no issue with public nudity, and can GM the hell out of a game, but for some odd reason, standing behing a podium with a bunch of people staring at me silently triggers a fight-or-flight response in me. (The second has occurred more often than the first, but the first HAS happened. A podium can be used to frightening effect.)

We had to do the prerequisite introductory speech today. "Hi, I'm such-and-such, I'm a blah blah major and I hope to just pass this damn class and get it the hell overwith."

Anyway, that's over for today and I don't have to do any speaking for another week. Topic: My favorite, least favorite and most unusual class. Yay.

We got out of class early, as expected, and I have 2 hours or so to kill. So I'm gonna catch up with some of you happy people.
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