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Quickie update

Let's see...

I finally got all my grades back. Straight A's. Apparently my Audio instructor took pity on me. I don't start back to class for another week and a half, so I'm enjoying the exapnse of free time.

Still nothing on the job front, though I may have an interview in a liquor store up the street shortly. We'll see how that pans out. In the meantime, I've managed to drive myself back into the hole! Whee!

I've managed to get Kobalt up to 41. I am SO enjoying the high levels on CoH. I do a lot more damage now. Total Focus is ok, but it's barely slotted, so not as much damage as I would hope. Energy transfer, on the other hand, is MEAN. Fully slotted with 3 Accuracy and 3 Damage. I can one shot most minions and cut lieutenants in half. Evil stuff.

Now, about my health. For almost the entire month of December, I had this nice little annoying blister on the top of my left foot, just past the ankle. Not painful or anything up until the week of Christmas when it started to hurt like holy hell. That went away, only to be replaced by my entire left foot swelling up. Very painful and made it slightly difficult to walk. Two days ago, it stopped hurting and the swelling started going down. Today, I took off my sock and my foot has gone back down to normal size, save for a bit of a hard lump around the original blister.

I find it both touching and funny that my friends worried about this more than I did.

Well, that's it for me for a while! I shall now dive back into game! CoV for an hour, then an AV mish on CoH!
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