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After 4 hours of wrestling with my new ethernet card and my cable modem, it finally beat me by 3 falls and a submission.

Apparently the updated drivers I installed caused fatal errors in Windows, causing it to repeatedly reboot.

After reinstalling my old dead ethernet card, we're back to normal. No phone, but back to normal.

I've also learned that one of my roomates has a phone line installed in the apartment. I learned this by hooking the phone Thom gave me to the phone jack behind my dresser. Of course, I have no idea of the number. If he ever comes out of that cave he calls a room, we're going to talk.

I've also made the decision that Mom is GOING to get a call from me on this line tomorrow. I'll pay the damn long distance charges when they come up.

In happier news, I managed to get through the Eden trial on CoH. Long and brutal, I've gotten just shy of level 40 before we finished and got an epic enhancement on top of it! So I'm deliriously happy about it!

Happy Holidays everybody.
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