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I Got So Much Trouble On My Mind...

Long vacation over.

Things to do this week:

1. Intensify job search.
1a. Follow up with previously submitted resumes.
1b. Begin submitting applications with more businesses in Toco Hills area.

2. Projects in all classes.
2a. Find out what I missed in Audio class and help group with project.
2b. Write up budget for film in Video Techniques class.
2c. Finish paper on biodiversity and bioprospecting for Biology and possibly do Powerpoint presentation on diabetes paper

3. Pay bills
3a. Pay off phone bill
3b. Buy house phone and install when Vonage equipment gets here.
3c. Get cel phone back from Joey.
3d. Get MARTA pass for December.

That's the to-do list. Get to it, kid.
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