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Hi there. Remember me?

Yep. I'm alive.

For those of you that don't know already, I've moved. I've kept this under my hat until now, not wanting to make a big deal of it. I'm currently living on N. Druid Hills in the Briarcliff area, for those of you familiar with Atlanta.

I like the new place and my new roomates are cool (I'm fairly sure one of them is gay), but there are a couple of disadvantages. The place is positioned so that I can't get any signal on my cel phone unless I step outside the apartment. It's slightly annoying. We're also near the back of the complex, so it's a good 5 minute walk for me to get to the street. But almost everything I need is up or down the block. If you call and I don't answer, leave a message or page. I can usually get that.

Classes started up again last week and I hope to get all A's again this quarter like I did last quarter. Not too sure about my audio instructor, but my video instructor seems very cool. We'll have to see what happens with my biology class.

Still out of work, but got emails about an interview today. I also qualify for unemployment, so that'll help a lot. It's been suggested to me that I apply for food stamps, but I wouldn't even know where to go for that.

No internet connection in the apartment yet, so all this is coming to you from campus. Keeping myself entertained with DVDs, video games and pr0n till I get my connection back.

Well, I've caught up with your worlds, you're caught up with mine.

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