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So I just had the best day I've had in a bit.

pandaspapa and redpandacub just took me to the Japanfest, then over to the Pumpkinfest, both at Stone Mountain.

I got to try unagi (bbq eel) sushi and takoyaki, which is a wheat ball with octopus inside. The unagi was good, but the takoyaki was fantastic! YAY new experiences! Also saw a little bit of Advent Children and it looked pretty good (no cheek from you, Joshie!). There was drumming, martial arts demos, bonsai, koi, a kicked ass.

The pumpkin fest wasn't all that, but the village at Stone Mountain was neat. We didn't stay for the laser show, but we did take the car to the mountaintop, and the shops were cool. There was this shop with the cutest clerk with a baby face and a smile that reminded me of...well, I don't want to embarrass him. Didn't get to actually talk to him, but hey...

So now I'm back and going to try to get my tanker up to 34 tonite! Hope tomorrow is as good and hope I get a job sometime this week! :)
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