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Indeed, you are 79% erudite, 91% sensual, 54% martial, and 62% saturnine.

was a mysterious God indeed. His very name basically means "what is
hidden", "what is not seen", "what cannot be seen", and though even his
form was said to be �unknown�, he was depicted as a man with the head
of a uraeus (cobra), or a man seated on a throne and holding in one
hand the sceptre, and in the other the ankh.

All secrets aside, what we do know is that Amun was the Egyptian King of the Gods, not unlike his counterparts Zeus (Greek mythology) and Odin (Norse mythology). With his ruling might over the Gods, Amun soon became associated with the Pharaohs.

Being responsible for the creation of the world, it is not surprising
that he was also the God of fertility, reproduction, and sexual power,
and thus also the God of agriculture. With the combined powers of
regeneration and royalty, Amun became linked to the sun and the great
God Ra, becoming known as Amun-Ra, which pretty much consolidated his status as Supreme God.

In spite of Amun's political ascension, he also enjoyed popularity
among the common people of Egypt, who came to call him the vizier of
the poor, the protector of the weak, and an upholder of justice.

The Fifteen Gods

These are the 15 categories of this test. If you score above average in �

�all or none of the four variables: Dagda. �
Erudite: Thoth. �
Sensual: Frey. �
Martial: Mars. �
Saturnine: Mictlantecuhtli. �

Erudite & Sensual: Amun. �
Erudite & Martial: Odin. �
Erudite & Saturnine: Anubis. �
Sensual & Martial: Zeus. �
Sensual & Saturnine: Cernunnos. �
Martial & Saturnine: Loki. �

Erudite, Sensual & Martial: Lug. �
Erudite, Sensual & Saturnine: Coyote. �
Erudite, Martial & Saturnine: Hades. �
Sensual, Martial & Saturnine: Pan.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 49% on erudite
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You scored higher than 82% on sensual
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You scored higher than 39% on martial
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You scored higher than 52% on saturnine

Link: The Mythological God Test written by Nitsuki on Ok Cupid
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