The Cub Your Mother Warned You About (jrcubindy) wrote,
The Cub Your Mother Warned You About

First thing: Happy berfday to conner24!

Secondly: Thanks for all the berfday wishes yesterday! You know who you are! *huggles the panda for his testimonial that actually made him cry*

Now party! I share a berfday with neoreveng, so we shared our party. hollabackcub and his friend Ray showed up, as well as bearhug111 & thomzilla, timebear and a bunch of others that I have no idea if they're on LJ or not.

No pictures as yet. I think there were some taken, but I don't have copies. Lunch at the Chinese buffet was cool. I didn't overeat this time. Got a decent haul. Gift certificate for Best Buy (Patrick and Thom), gift certificate to the Movie Trading Company (Joey and Doug), and the DVD of Harlem Nights (Bill).

We went to Joey and Dougs house later and wldcatxx showed up and gave me the 2nd season of Wonder Woman! :)

We chatted and chatted and chatted until everybody went home and Joey and Doug had to finally kick us out.

Apparently, I left bear411 up all day and then our connection went out sometime while we were gone. Ah well, it's back now!

Overall, not a bad berfday at all.
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