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Tag Meme double-shot.

Was tagged by nightfallcub for this one:

1) What’s your favorite brand of condoms?
As long as they work, brand means nothing to me.

2) Historical person you’d like to end up stuck on a deserted island with?
Leonardo Da Vinci. I think we'd have quite a bit to talk about and he'd have a lot to teach me.

3) What’s the one food you would rather die than eat?
Brussel Sprouts. That or fiddlehead.

4) Favorite bdsm position?
I tend to be on the dom side of things...something about a naked helpless man waiting to see what I'm going to do to him... *sprouts a wicked grin*

5) One thing you do when you’re all alone that other people don’t already know?
Nothing. People know I read, people know I watch pr0n and jack off, people know I reflect on things I shouldn't reflect on.

6) In inches, how big is your...?
7". Care to see up close and personal?

7) Would/have you ever rented porn and a Disney movie at the same time?
I don't rent Disney movies.

8) If you had to be a member of your opposite chosen gender, how would you like to look?
Beyonce's face and body with Jada Pinkett Smith or Queen Latifah's attiude.

9) What famous celebrity female do you feel you could pull off in drag?

10) During a sexual encounter have you ever called out the wrong person’s name? and how did you explain it?
Nope. It's rare when I call out names...I'm usually beyond the capacity for coherent speech.

11) When you hear YMCA by the Village People, do you actually make the letters with your arms?

12) What’s the closest you’ve come to meeting God? (Buddha, Great Spirit, Allah)
Once as I child when I almost died of mother took me into the doctor's office and while they were talking I started saying something like, "Can you hear them? Can you hear them singing?" The doctor, who was Chinese, started going off in rapid fire speech while my mom freaked out.

13) Have you ever considered yourself a pagan? If so why? And if you did and don’t, why not anymore?
I am a fully functioning agnostic. I'm sure there is something out there, but I can't put my finger on what as yet. Until my faith settles, I will not claim any religion as I would find that hypocritical.

14) Is there a reason for existence?

15) What’s yours?
To find the reason, to have as much fun as possible doing it and to take as many people as I can with me.

16) Least favorite color?

17) Tell one fantasy about the person who you got this meme from?
I would...but I don't wanna disturb him. Don't worry, sweetie, no bdsm involved.

18) One question that wasn’t on the list that you wish was?
Not really. I take memes as they come.

19) One question on this list that you wish wasn’t?
The YMCA question. Pointless.

20) Name one song that you love to listen to when no one is around?
Rain on Me by Ashanti. When I listen to that song, I'm usually depressed.

21) If there were a porn movie that you were willing to make, what would you call it?
"The Cub Gallery: Sex As Art"

So tag, coba1t_blue, redpandacub, hollabackcub, mister_bitters and neviragin

This next joint...brought to you by coba1t_blue

Name 5 fictional characters you would have sex with. Then tag five others.

1) Juggernaut
2) Koop (from Megas XLR)
3) Xander Harris (especially seasons 6 and 7)
4) Mr. Incredible
5) Hunk (from Voltron)

Now tag, nilotec, ethersphere, chillycub, kebinjoonzu, irishchub
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