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Quick random thoughts entry.

So I should do a life entry, huh?

Well, went to orientation on Saturday, got to know the campus and the department, didn't get to register due to the financial aid situation, but I should have that straightened out by Wednesday.

Eric called me last night, but I had no idea since I had my ringer off. Just as well.

Went a little E-Bay nuts. Started off trying to buy back a couple of games I loaned out that I'll apparently never get back...*takes a second to glare at a couple of people*...but got on some auctions for some books and other games I had to sell last year. And of course, some dick had to try to outbid me at the last minute and drive up the price for one of them. Grrrr.

Avery is such a tease. First he tells me he's going to a clothing optional camp, but then he says he's keeping his clothes on. Phoo.

I miss Derek. I could geek out with him on break. Maggie is fun to geek out with, but she's not as cute. ;)

Ah yes. PLEASE do not send any email you have for me to I don't check it. I won't get it. PLEASE send any email you have for me to *smooch* Thank you! :)
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