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Well, last night was pretty fun.

We didn't win, but hey, that's not the point.

Ok, so we won. I wasn't there for the final result, I had a bus to catch.

I took two trains and a bus to go to BW3s, but got off at the wrong station. End result: I walked for a good half an hour to get to the restaurant.

And I STILL got there 30 minutes before everybody else.

Very hot and sweaty by the time I got there, and I'm pretty sure I drank a gallon of ice tea before anybody arrived.

Anywho, I was eventually joined by tonethbone and his other half Pete, ericdabear, chillicub, booksbeare, rhymibear and his other half Jim, jefferzephyr, who it's always good to see, smokeycub, hanover and a few others who's names I didn't quite catch.

I spent a good portion of the night playing the trivia game on the monitors and getting my ass whupped. I also answered a good portion of the questions wrong on the main trivia game we were playing. Of course, no one ever plays to my strengths, but hey!

jefferzephyr gave me these eyedrops that he describes as being "a spa for your eyes". Very neat stuff.

Found out I didn't like the Thai boneless wings, the onion rings are good and the pie is pretty decent. Left my phone in the restaurant, but Pete was sweet enough to run it out to me before I reached the bus stop.

That's a short synopsis of what went down last night....meant to get pictures, but didn't....well, I did get one....I'll post it later. Heh.

And no, JP, I didn't keep the one I snapped of ya! ;)
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