The Cub Your Mother Warned You About (jrcubindy) wrote,
The Cub Your Mother Warned You About

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I do love this time of year.

I suffer during winter with the cold lashing at my face, I'm always shivering and I can never seem to get everything warm.

But this...I love this.

The sun caressing me, warming me ,making me feel alive.

This is the time of block parties, barbecues, picnics and pool parties.

This is the time you see guys walking around in wifebeaters or tank tops, pecs straining their shirts and nipples all nice and perky and shorts hugging their asses.

This is the time of ice cream men, blockbusters, and fireworks.

This is the time you can drive around with your top down, playing your favorite jam at whatever volume you want and it's ok because everybody else is doing the same thing.

This is the time of carnivals, festivals, fairs and boardwalks.

This is the time of year that gave me to the world, the time that I'm at my peak.

The world is vibrant, alive.

I live for this.

This is my time.
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