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More stream of conciousness ramblings.....

Well, I apparently still have a long this'll last is anybody's guess, so come Wednesday, I'm submitting resumes. I honestly expected to get axed today after taking Sunday off, but to be truthful, I wouldn't care if they did. I've had a lot of jobs. I've delivered pizza and got robbed at gunpoint doing it, I've done back breaking work in 3 factories with shitty hours, I've been canned from gas stations, I've worked in arcades and at no point did any of those jobs make me as miserable as this one makes me. Wanting to leave may seem stupid to you, but to be honest, if I had to choose between being happy and rich, I'll take happy any day.

On an up note, Batman Begins premieres on a Wednesday! YAY! Anybody in ATL wanna go with me to see it?

Tomorrow, I call Sallie Mae and get all my financial aid info straightened out. Then I have to work out my class schedule. Maybe I should wait until I get registered to submit resumes...hmmmm.

The big event on this weekend was helping coba1t_blue get packed and moved. I miss him already. He was one of the small handful of people who was always available and accessible to me. And not that way, ya pervs!

World of Warcraft is going great! Balfour is up to 26 and hopefully he'll be 27 or 28 by weeks end. I need to see if anybody is available to help me with that dungeon in Redridge. Damastes just hit 15 and is just starting the Defias arc. Gonna play my moo cow Lehah over the next couple of days.

I have had the same two songs playing in my head all day Sarah McLachlan's Prayer of St. Francis and Ambiguous Drums Grief from Hellsing.

I've had two people today tell me that I sound like a radio DJ. Do I really sound like that?

Must rememeber not to read movie forums. The general lack of intelligence in the majority of the posts upsets me.

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