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Stream of conciousness rambling time...

Called my financial aid office...getting 9 grand for the year...YAY!!! Two months to sweet freedom!!!

On the subject of money, Washington Mutual STILL hasn't mailed me my damned card yet. They WILL hear from me tomorrow.

Been tired all day...don't know why.

For the Buffy fans, found out Juliet Landau has been doing voices for Justice League Unlimited.

I keep trying and trying to finish my D&D world and several story concepts I've been working on, but my Muse keeps telling me to check back with her, she's busy.

Been mulling over going to Bear All...I know I need to be more sociable and go out and meet people, but at the same time, I hate being in large crowds and I've never had the best history with bear runs...

Updated Balfour on the Spectrum Blade site, but when I try to update skills I get an error...hoping to get to 25 by Wednesday night. There shall be a marathon! I've also been playing a lot of Warcraft III.

Back on an image CD kick...putting together a "soundtrack" of the past year.

Been thinking about axeing my CoH account, but for one thing...I haven't done everything I wanna do with it. I'd like to hit the level cap with Kobalt, Crimson and Li Ping, if no one else.
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