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Re: The Trip to Indy

So I'm a couple of days late. Sue. I kinda got wrapped up.

I was gonna wax eloquent about how Jason and I seem to have rebonded since we started speaking again and how I spent about as much time with him as I did with my mom the whole time I was there, which is to say, quite a bit. But I got distracted.

My friend greythorne, who I've been attracted to for some time,has managed to get cuter. Trimmed the hair and beard and gotten both nips pierced. I'll post a pic later.

Gamed for the first time in a LONG time and tried my hand at Shadowrun. The run didn't go that well, IMO. But that's just me. I'm always hard on myself after I run a game and see how much better I could have done things.

Had this big dinner at D.B. Mongolian BBQ. I SO love that place. But next time, I go for lunch. Too many people there the last time.

My mother's uncle Joe died earlier this year. Her aunt Stella has cancer and is going to a nursing home. My mom has taken on the reponsibility of selling their house (and cleaning it out). I spent two or three days helping her out with that. Wasn't happy about it, either. I was less happy with the fact that she has 6 sisters, a brother, and 20 nieces and nephews and only my aunt Mary, my cousin David and my father even bothered to help out. I was even less happy with what the dust did to our allergies.

Hung out with chillycub and saw Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. Now I can read the book. I've come to the decision that I won't read books I know movies are being based on so I can judge the movie on its own merits and not compare it to the book. I can read the book afterwards and THEN see what they left out or added. That being said, I liked the film! Extremely funny and with a few subtle messages. Arthur was kind of a dweeb, but adorable at the same time, Mos Def's Ford was very cool and the goodness of Alan Rickman doing the voice of Marvin the manically depressed robot was awesome. There's some controversy by the fans about stuff added and stuff left out, but overall, I think it remained true to the spirit of the film. And I promise, you'll LOVE the production number.

Not too long after, I went to see Sin City with nameless. I really enjoyed it! That was film noir at it's best. Cheesy dialouge, the whole black and white filming with color added in digitally to eyes, lips, clothes and blood, Tarantino-esque violence and just an overall sense of cool. Enjoyed the Clive Owen storyline the best, with Josh Hartnett's bits close after. And to see Elijah Wood play a legitimate badass floored me.

The best thing of all about the trip back was the fact that other than the parts that I was stuck at home because I didn't have my own car and mom was too busy to let me use hers, I never lacked for something to do or somebody to do it with. Once I got there, people were wanting to spend time. People wanted to fit me into their schedules. My aunts and uncle called wanting to speak to me. Jason took time out of his day to pick me up from mom's house and do stuff. Old friends crawled out of the woodwork to speak to me. I actually felt special.

That being said, the next time I go back, I'm renting a car.
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