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Interview questions from redteufel

#1 In detail, why do you classify yourself as a bear/cub?
Well, I suppose the main reason that I identify myself with the "bear movement" is that they come off as a lot more masculine than most gay men. I see a lot of nelly guys out there and I simply cannot dig that. I may not be an outdoorsman or a sportsman, but I do remember that I have a dick between my legs. The whole fur thing helps too. It's nice to find other guys that consider body hair attractive.

#2 What got you into gaming and roleplaying?
My cousin Darran, mostly. He introduced me to the Marvel Super Heroes RPG from TSR and that was all she wrote.

#3 Who was your longest relationship with, how long was it, and what ended it?
You mean of the 2 I've had?
My first relationship lasted a year and 6 months. His name was Josh. What ended it? Several things. First, everytime he was under the gun, he'd crumble. Second, he had a mean streak even *I* wasn't immune to. Nothing physical, he knows I would have flattened him; but he was far too quick with the cutting remarks. Third, he would cut me off when things got tough. He damn near had a nervous breakdown because he got a new apartment and it wasn't up to his demanding standards. For at least 2 weeks, he was completely incommunicado. No phone, no internet, nothing. Basically, I got tired of his neuroses.

#4 Have you ever gotten flack for liking white men from other black people?
All the time.

#5 If you woke up in a tub full of ice, a pain in your side and a note to call 911, what would you do and how did you get in that situation?
Check for a wound, and call 911. And if I did get in that sitch, I prolly got seduced by a cute cubbie or 3. I have the unfortunate tendency of thinking with the wrong head sometimes.
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