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Weekend Update

Welcome to my world, hax0rcub and welcome back to my world, davidy!

My weekend.

How went it?

A lil sumpin like this.

Friday was work. Half the calls I got were hostile. One lady actually apologized to me for bitching me out on the phone, which was a pleasant surprise, but the rest were just rude, obnoxious, or just outright cruel. No fun there.

Got off work and went to coba1t_blue's, helped him do some shopping for the faining on Saturday, then back to his place where we just hung out.

Had something of a breakfast date Saturday morning, but got stood up. Big surprise, huh? So I went to breakfast with Bruce and got nice and full.

Played WoW and died NUMEROUS times until I finally got the spirit healer to rez me instead of going back to my body which was surrounded by kobold miners and geomancers.

Bounced over to Danny's and half-sat around, half helped him get ready for the faining. Also read the Vibora Bay book for Champions 5th Ed. Fascinating setting. My character should fit right in.

The both of these I've been to, there was no point where I felt like an intruder. No point where I felt out of place. No point where I felt uncomfortable. Even when I came REALLY close to making a faux pas, I was gently corrected and all was right and good.

Danny is burning a CD with the Eddas on it for me. Should be very good reading.

Sunday was work. It wasn't too bad, excpet for all the god damn prank calls we got. We actually had fun at work for a change. It's a lot more casual and relaxed on Sundays, which actually helps me work better.

Had a dinner date after work. Of course, he never called. Big shock.

Played a little CoH and went to bed.

Hoping to do the CoH thing with tanyad and mister_bitters Tuesday night. Thing is, which server?

Something to think about.
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