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First off, maitirethanatos, welcome back to my world!

Not that you were ever really gone... *smooches ya onna forehead*

This past week has seen an increase in fortune for me, wave of bills notwithstanding.

I've started back to the gym twice a week, doing arms, chest and back on Tuesdays, legs, glutes, obliques and abs on Thursdays. I'm being forced to relearn my limits as my left leg was bugging me all weekend. Of course, this could just be me sleeping wrong,too. Working with a trainer on Tuesday, so that'll help me fine tune my workout.

The boss man says my work is improving, which doesn't do shit for me on a practical level, it's just a point of pride for me.

I spent Friday and Saturday hanging out with coba1t_blue. Friday night, we went to the Mall of Georgia and walked around, window shopping. Now, you must understand something about me. I HATE to window shop, normally. I hate walking around looking at shit I can't have. The only exceptions are when I'm looking at games, and that's less of window shopping than," I am GOING to buy this later." But Friday was pretty fun. I found this nice little store called Fandom which sells to geeks like me. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman stuff, wallscrolls, anime soundtracks, J-Pop albums, odd t-shirts, all that kinda shite. The only store that we missed was Spencers. I LOVE browsing through Spencers and playing with all the stuff in there. But a fun time was had by all.

Saturday, we went to see his roomate who was in the hospital. Picked up a Big Mac for him in what is easily THE most ghetto McDonalds I have ever been in. Had this old lady walkin in there beggin people to buy her a burger, old man in an old army coat buying coffee and smelling like liquor, hip-hop station playin in the background. Was actually kinda cool.

Hospitals have always bugged me out, but they had some cool nurses. Gave us a hard time about bringing a Big Mac in and not getting them any. Makes me miss mom. Bought a Coke with Lime at the gift shop and ended up walking out with an Aquafina by mistake. *blinks*

After we left the hospital, we went to this hole in the wall computer store where I did some of my "I WILL be buying this later" shopping, then after a quick oil change, we hit Moes, then back to his place and just hung out, talked and made RPG characters. More on my character in another entry.

Yesterday, nobody was home when I woke up. John is off in Nashville and Bruce and Marques were over Joey and Doug's. I ended up calling off, and spent a good portion of the day doing the Synapse TF in CoH with my martial arts/regen scrapper on Virtue, Li Ping. I'll post pix of the character later.

Ended up downloading a gang of new songs, including Amelie's 1 Thing from the Hitch soundtrack, which is SLAMMIN!

Which reminds me, if anybody has or can find "Free James Brown" by the Hip House Syndicate, let me or tanyad know, please! Ah yes, when house was house.
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