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For the love of food stamps...

timebear and bearhug111 are having a party this weekend. I'm invited. I would REALLY like to go. But I'm not.

Why, you may ask? Because I blew all my money on my trip home to Indy and rent and now I have a -$90 balance. I don't even have enough loot to go to the Chinese Buffet they wanna go to for the party. And I am sick and tired of having people pay for me when I go out.

Danny paid for me on HIS birthday get together. So did John. And I owe several people dinners.

They don't say anything (well, John does) but it sticks in the back of my mind. My sense of ethics is such that I feel obligated to repay people for outings that I can't pay for myself (well, unless they nag me about it, then my sense of obligation diminishes). I know exactly how many lunches and dinners I owe a person if I think about it. The only person I honestly lost track of is Jason because we've paid for each other so many times that it just feels natural to me to pay for him if he doesn't have the money.

dozerbull, bearhug111, coba1t_blue, ericdabear, neviragin, nameless and a few others...these are all people who've helped me out when I've been down and out. A state I seem to be in more often than not. They may not want me to, but these are all debts I feel I must repay. And I intend soon as I get the money....

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