The Cub Your Mother Warned You About (jrcubindy) wrote,
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And here is where we are...

First off, tanyad, welcome to my world!

Now, on to *gasp* an actual ENTRY!!!

This past week has been pretty nice. Actually having money and a full stomach can do that for you. Of course, rent is due this week, so the honeymoon is over.

Kicked it with coba1t_blue on Saturday. Hadn't seen him since I got back from Orlando. Flirtation, cheesy horror movies and pizza! It was a good night. :)

Got several leads on new apartments. Going to try to explore the lot of them in the next week, along with getting my sorry ass back in the gym! I'm paying for it, dammit!

CoH..well, thing progress...they progress slowly, but they progress. Almost at 31...almost...

Been spending my downtime at work working on D&D and d20 modern stuff. The RPG bug has bit me again and the GM has awoken...with the Beast on his heels.

Still haven't heard anything about my permanent position or my time off. Gonna hit up my boss about that today.

Well, that's where *I* am.
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